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Our goal is simple: to make you smile

At Verde Floral Design, we believe flowers and plants are not only beautiful as decoration – they have an energy that can help lift the spirits of those around them. We’ve placed this concept at the heart of our business, and since 2011, have been crafting custom floral arrangements to brighten the living and event spaces of our customers. We draw inspiration from both the Cape landscape and European style to create lush, high-end designs with a unique Verde flair.


Verde was founded by Jeff Sawyer, inspired by her lifelong love of flowers. Upon retiring and moving to the Cape, something about crossing the bridge rekindled Jeff’s childhood memories of exploring her grandmother’s gardens. She enrolled in floral design classes, and during her studies, encountered research showing that flowers possess mood-elevating properties. Thus, Verde was born with one simple, but selfless, goal: creating joyful experiences for others through beautiful floral arrangements.

Along her journey at Verde, Jeff met another who shared her passion for flowers and the business she had grown: Hira Rafiq, a hard worker who was equally dedicated to high-quality design. In December 2020, Hira transitioned from store manager to business owner. Like Jeff, she is moved by the concept of elevating mood through the art of floral design—giving added value to the age-old advice of “stopping to smell the roses.”

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