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Our Process

Our process begins with learning as much as possible about your vision for your wedding/event. We schedule time to sit down with you, at your convenience, for a free consultation. Prior to this meeting, we ask that you complete a short questionnaire (attachment) that will help us identify flowers you like and colors you plan on featuring at your wedding/event.

We believe everyone is visual and therefore, at our initial meeting, we use flowers you’ve indicated you like to help brainstorm ideas and make some decisions. We then prepare an itemized proposal based on our conversation and your decisions. This gives us a basis for discussion going forward.

At Verde, we take pride in having the opportunity to help make your wedding day a day to remember. Verde takes a limited number of weddings/events each year so we can give our undivided attention to each one. Our minimum for wedding design is $6500 (not inclusive of taxes and set-up/take-down).

Please complete the following so that our design consultants can assist you with the best options of floral choices, styles, designs and accessories for your special day.

    Number of bouquets/boutonnieres:

    Please check the words that best describe your style:


    Please indicate which sentence(s) best describes your expectations of your wedding flowers:
    We want our flowers to set the overall tone and ambience of our wedding day.We want photogenic bouquets and personal flowers with a few strategically-placed designs in our decor.We want simple, visually effective seasonal flowers for our wedding party only.Other.

    Please let us know your choices of wedding flowers:
    We know exactly what we want.We have an idea of what we want, but would like some suggestions.We don't have any specific flower varieties or styles in mind. Please help us choose the best values in flowers to coordinate with gowns and setting.

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