owner and lead designer

The daughter of Pakistani-American immigrants, Hira Rafiq is well aware of the dedication and sacrifice it takes to establish roots in unfamiliar soil. So there is no question how, after stopping by the shop just a few weeks ago to offer help for Mother's Day, she quickly became part of the Verde family and helped the small business grow and flourish. Hira, who holds an MBA from Simmons University, learned everything she knows about floral design while managing the shop for previous owner Jeff Sawyer.

It's no secret that flowers don't last forever. But in her work at Verde, Hira knows that personal service and beautiful arrangements can leave a lasting impression. It is these moments of joy experienced by clients, and the memories they share of bouquets from years past, that drive her dedication to high-quality design and attention to detail for each client that walks through the door.

Beyond Verde's clients, there is another group of people that inspire Hira's work: her nieces. As the only woman in her family to own a business, she has an important example to set. And there is no better motivation to continue the work she loves, leading the business with integrity and forging a path for others to follow.