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Care of orchids

Phalaenopsis (fayl-eh-NOP-siss), or moth orchid. Don’t let it intimidate you! It is one of the best orchids for beginners and experts alike because it is so undemanding. Phalaenopsis are happiest with indoor temperatures between 60 – 70 degrees F.


We find more orchids are killed by overwatering than by neglect. At Verde, we normally water your orchid just prior to it being delivered to you. We recommend no water for at least a week, and then put your orchid on a bi-weekly (every two weeks) watering schedule, giving it a shot glass of water each time.


Most experts advise cutting back the stem to about 1 inch from where it emerges from the base leaves and placing the plant in a bright, north-facing window. Temperatures near the window will be lower, tricking the orchid into a dormant period. Eventually, a new spike will form, followed by buds. Well-grown plants can flower often, however, orchids generally bloom in late winter through spring.


Some growers feed plants with a half-strength orchid fertilizer each time they are watered. Some don’t fertilize at all. If you give your orchid the light it needs and replant it every two to three years, it will do its job and bloom.

Now that you’ve mastered the job of caring for your orchid, be prepared for the possibility that you will soon want more than one! Give us a call, 508-681-8169.